TheBlueLens Photography Studio: Blog en-us Brian Brooks Photography, 2021 [email protected] (TheBlueLens Photography Studio) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:53:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:53:00 GMT TheBlueLens Photography Studio: Blog 120 117 Escaping Daily Life - An Oasis in Denver There are many times where the pressures of daily life get to me.  I just need to get out into nature.  Escape the hustle and bustle of the city.  Be among the trees and wildlife.  Be outdoors!
It’s difficult for us city dwellers to escape especially during a work week.  Most of the time it’s just unrealistic to load the vehicle and fight the traffic to find a natural happy place.  Well, for those of us that live here in Denver there is a solution. 
There exists a gem in the middle of the city, a 4,200 acre oasis right in the metro area perfect for those who need a fix of nature - Cherry Creek State Park!  This state park is one of Denver’s best kept secrets, there’s a bit of wilderness in the heart of the city.  This location has it all, a creek, forest, lake, wildlife, prairie, awesome views and everything else you think of when you think Colorado.  One of my personal favorite places in the state is here in the park and Im going to share it with you.  
On the southeastern side of the lake right where the Cherry Creek flows into the reservoir is a forest area with several trails through it.  Once inside this forest, the city just disappears.  I can spend hours in this quiet part of the park searching for wildlife and being close to nature.  
Close my eyes and just listen.
House FinchHouse Finch
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Urban Wildlife Galore - A Hidden Gem One of my favorite places in the Denver metro area is an often forgotten gem, hidden in plain sight.  The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is a truly unique experience.  There are so many things to see at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge it’s difficult to list them all.  Wild flowers and diverse wildlife are the main attraction but where else can you see a herd of bison in the middle of a large metropolitan city?  Yes, that’s right a herd of bison! 
There are over 330 species of mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, and reptiles that call the Arsenal home.  Regardless of the time of year, there is always something to see here.  Over 10 miles of easy trails await your discovery or there is a self-guided automobile tour that provides access to popular areas of the refuge. 
The Arsenal is a premier bird watching location where nesting eagles are a regular sight in the winter and spring.  In fact, one of the major reasons for the creation of the refuge was to protect the endangered Bald Eagle.  Over 280 species of birds have been recorded at the Arsenal.  Many of the birds that I’ve checked off my birding list were found at the Arsenal.  The wonderful volunteers at the Refuge host many tours and outings that focus on birding and wildlife viewing.  Check the web site for details and scheduling.
Whether you are visiting Denver and you have some spare time or if you live in our fair city, The Rocky Mountain Arsenal is worth the trip.  
Contact Info
6550 Gateway Road
Commerce City, CO 80022
From I-70 exit at Quebec Street and go north. Travel approximately 2.8 miles to Prairie Parkway/64th Avenue. Turn right at Prairie Parkway and travel 0.6 miles to Gateway Road. Turn left at Gateway Road. Continue on Gateway Road until you pass through the Refuge entrance.
Visitor Center: 303-289-0930 
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A Place for Birds During one of my wanderings I drove past a place called The Fawn Brook Inn in Allenspark, Colorado.  What caught my eye was the many bird feeders in among the beautiful flowers surrounding the building.  Both hummingbird and traditional feeders were attracting a cloud of birds.  An incredible sight right on the side of the road!

I parked my truck (away from the building as not to disturb the birds) and hopped out with camera in hand.  As I stood there clicking happily away I could feel the air move on my ears as hummingbirds flew past.  I could of stayed there all day!  The restaurant is open for dinner only (5pm) but check their web site for more information.

The Fawn Brook Inn | 357 Business Highway 7 | Allenspark, CO  80510 |

WildBasin-3722Lunch at The Fawn Brooks Inn

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